Outfit of the Day – MMXV Sweater

We are showing you our top outfit picture of the day!

We have picked our MMXV Sweater. This soft black fitted sweater is bold and chic.

MMXV Sweater

Our in-house model Lucas paired it with simple dark blue jeans. This match keeps focus on the white emblem. Bringing an edge to the look it has been paired with black Doc Martins. Turing the hem of the jeans up is in keeping with the hard yet stylish working look.

This outfit is perfect for a day to day look. It is an easy throw on outfit that keeps you looking sharp. Perfect for staying warm and on trend.

MMXV Sweater

Adding the Blurred Edge Apparel snapback can be more casual way of styling this look whilst still maintaining street style.

If you like this look let us know in the comments below and tell us your favourite way to wear the MMXV Sweater.

MMXV Sweater

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Esther Prasadam

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