Outfit of the day – Mark Grarup

Today’s outfit of the day pick goes to athlete Mark Grarup!

Mark has taken the Black Shaka Tee to the gym. Showing us how to squat and feel the burn on leg day.

Black Shaka Tee

This tee is great for many different occasions. Finding the right gym wear can be difficult. You always want to feel comfortable and confident and the soft fabric is great to work out in.

The Black Shaka Tee is a good option for comfort yet remaining stylish in the gym. The Shaka is a symbol of positivity and friendship. It is a great reminder if you catch a glimpse of it in the mirror.

Black Shaka Tee

Whether you are an avid gym goer or about to take your first step into the gym this tee is great to keep you looking good and feeling awesome.

Using one of our snapbacks is an excellent way to keep hair out of your face when working out!

Black Shaka Tee

Check out Mark’s instagram @markgrarup

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