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The Meaning of Shaka

Shaka SmallIn Hawaii, the shaka symbol is used to convey what is known as the ‘Aloha Spirit’; friendship, compassion and understanding.

The Shaka is widely used among, hang gliders, skydivers, wakeboarders, and scuba divers. In America, it is particularly associated with the surfing community. The Shaka gesture is part of the American Sign Language and refers directly to surfers.

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There are many myths surrounding the shaka’s origin, some believing it to have been started by children mimicking an old man who lost his three middle fingers in a sugar mill. Others thinking it was created by a man who had three fingers bitten off by a shark and the few who think the sign originated with immigrants indicating they wanted a drink.

Regardless of how or where it originated, the shaka’s popularity is immense and is used and seen worldwide. Several emoticons have also been created to represent the shaka.

The Shaka symbol is prominent within Blurred Edge Apparel. We believe that displaying a positive symbol that many people can relate to and associate with is a way to build connections and spread happiness.

Don’t just wear the symbol, know the symbol.

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