Who are we?

Hi, we’re Blurred Edge Apparel, an independent clothing brand established in 2015 run by Toby and Esther (that’s us below, I’ll let you guess who’s who). We’re based in Derby, in the heart of the midlands and ship all over the country.

Our aim is to provide premium products at a fair price to our customers. All of our items our quality checked multiple times before they go out and are individually bagged to ensure they arrive in fantastic condition. We love happy customers and making the buying process as easy as possible, we’re so proud of all the 5 star reviews and recommendations on our Facebook page from customers.

We’re a growing business and live by the ethos “grow the brand, not the profits”, which is why all the profits are reinvested back into the business to keep growing both the brand and the community. So when you purchase any of our items, you’re helping a small brand to continue to grow. You can join the community by interacting with us on Facebook and Instagram and using our hashtags, #BlurredEdgeApparel and #MyBlurredEdge.


The Journey

Blurred Edge Apparel was established in 2015, stocking a few t-shirts with a couple of designs. Back then we were primarily a skate / BMX brand. Since then we’ve grown to where we are today and expanding to other areas, now mainly working with the modified car scene (which we both love). 2018 Saw the release of our mesh panel leggings and in September 2019 we released our new Burgundy Tee as well as our Fusion Hoodie. We’ve also now got a range of car stickers available which we’re looking to expand soon! We regularly do polls over on Instagram to see what sort of items you all would like, so make sure to get involved with that!


What’s it all about?

I regularly get asked what the name and designs mean, so here’s the answer. I studied Computer Science at University, within that area, lots of things are what’s called “Binary”. In Computer science, this basically means a 1 or a 0. More generally it means there are two choices and that’s it, no middle ground, no options in between or outside those two options. Growing up, many people see the world as this, e.g. “I can or can’t do this” or “this looks good or it doesn’t”. The name Blurred Edge Apparel came from the fact the world isn’t like this, everything’s a “Blurred Edge”, normal limits and expectations can nearly always be exceeded, there’s rarely ever a fixed cap that stops you from achieving something.

The circle emblem design came from this ethos. There’s two diagonal lines through the circle, one capped at the edge of the circle and one going right through it, ignoring the edge. The EST. MMXV is because we were established in 2015.

We love the shaka symbol too which is why it features on a few of our designs. It’s a chilled and laid-back way of saying hi or showing you’re approval. Shaka brah.


Plans for the future?

We’re constantly growing and don’t have any plans to stop any time soon! We’ve got a few new products on the way soon so keep your eyes peeled!

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